Hangers is Albuquerque's premier dry cleaner, and we're also the Greenest! 


Hangers has reinvented green dry cleaning in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a vision that encompasses cutting edge technology, a redefined upscale retail experience, outstanding customer service, a safe cool workplace, and sensitivity to the environment. 

Hangers Cleaners was established in 2004.  Our intent then, as it is now, is to serve as an agent of change in the dry cleaning industry, while offering quality services at a reasonable price.  We opened as New Mexico’s first green dry cleaner and have proven over the years that green dry cleaning is not an oxymoron but is a viable alternative that sacrifices neither quality, or value, thus dispelling the myths of the “green premium” and that green is a synonymous with lower quality. We remain resolute in our mission to provide quality and value using the greenest technologies available, liquid carbon dioxide and wet cleaning, while employing environmentally responsible practices in our operations.

What we offer:

Green Cleaning – We utilize liquid carbon dioxide and wet cleaning to clean your garments.  These processes are recognized by all reputable agencies (State of California, Occidental College, Green peace et.al.) as the greenest processes available.  There are other processes available, but all others rely upon manufactured chemicals rather that the natural solvents used by Hangers.

Quality and Value – Hangers is known for consistent workmanship, quality care and superior customer service.  We are also very reasonably priced, providing a high value product at a competitive price.  In fact, we are so confident of our value we are willing to post our prices at our store and on-line, an almost unheard of practice in the industry.  Our customers pay for the care of their garments, not for elaborate packaging, sumptuous drop stores, extensive marketing campaigns, or the cache of “couture” care.  Try us, compare prices and decide.

 Hangers Cleaners has been a green business since our inception in 2004.  In fact we formed our enterprise with the intent of changing the industry by introducing the concept of green dry cleaning to Albuquerque. We are finding that the dry cleaning industry in Albuquerque is finally responding to the logic of our vision.  Since we introduced Hangers, several major cleaners in the Albuquerque area have joined the green revolution and converted to alternatives lauded as green. We welcome them to our previously lonely fraternity and applaud their decision to abandon the ways of the past. The definition of green lies both in the eyes of the beholder and of the marketer, but one thing is certain, there is a clear trend away from the industry standard chemical, perchlorethylene, and it is the result of the public’s acceptance of green drycleaning.  If green drycleaning pioneers, such as Hangers, had not proved the concept, others would not have followed.  Clearly, the industry is realizing this is the future. Our vision has been vindicated. We have proven that green can represent quality and value, although some recent converts to green cleaning would have you believe that was not possible prior to their enlightenment and conversion.     

Let us be clear, green is not a marketing strategy at Hangers, it is who we are and it is the basis of our being.  We do not pay organizations to certify us green, nor do we see a need to, Hangers has been walking the walk on a day to day basis since 2004.  Green is not a market strategy at Hangers, it is who we are and always have been.