Our Process

At room temperature, CO 2 is a gas the fizz in your soda. By compressing the gas to 650 psi (pounds per square inch) at ambient temperatures, liquid CO 2 is achieved, ready to be used by restaurants, and now by Hangers Cleaners. CO 2 , special detergents and the Micare machines all work together in a patented process that yields superior cleaning results.

Hangers Process
1. Up to 60 pounds of clothes are placed inside the MICO 2 machine's large basket, or wash wheel, which rotates to agitate the clothes. The door is closed, the system is sealed, and a vacuum is applied to remove some of the air.
2. The wash wheel is pressurized with CO 2 gas. Liquid carbon dioxide containing specially formulated detergents is added from a working tank, filling the wash wheel to one-third full. The clothes are processed for a desired period of time with a selected degree of agitation, depending on the nature of the garments in the load.
3. During the cleaning process, the wash fluid is circulated through a dual filtration system: an ultra-fine particulate filter that captures dirt, lint and loose fibers, and an activated carbon filter to remove dyes and odors.
4. The wash fluid also undergoes an automatic distillation process during normal cycles to remove soluble soils.
5. When cleaning is completed, the liquid carbon dioxide and detergent mixture is pumped out of the wash wheel and back into the working tank. The machine goes through a gentle spin extract cycle to remove any liquid CO 2 left on the clothes.
6. The CO 2 gas is removed from the wash wheel using a compressor and sent back to the storage tank. More than 98 percent of the CO 2 used in the Micare process is recovered for reuse. At the very end of the cycle, the small amount of remaining gas is vented outside the Hangers building.
 7. The garments are then removed from the wash wheel cool to the touch, fresh, clean and easy to finish.