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Hangars has done all my dry cleaning for years. I have always received prompt and reliable service, clothes returned clean and pressed, meeting or exceeding expectations.

(Anonymous, 451 days ago)

I bought an expensive cream colored silk blouse. Wore it 3 times and got blue ink on the front. I figured it was ruined. Took it to the Hangers hoping they could work magic and they DID! Not a sign of that ink is left on it. If you need an outstanding cleaners I highly recommend them!

(Tami W., 1,412 days ago)

Excellent cleaners! Cleaned my suit jackets beautifully - one even went in covered in three-month old pie stains from a "pie-your-professor" event. Now, it's good as new. Great staff and great service!

(Reilly W., 2,192 days ago)

I have used Hangers for over 6 years and I've been thrilled with their services. I highly recommend them..and they're the only cleaners I've been to that smells like a spa instead of nasty chemicals!

(Anonymous, 2,433 days ago)

I have been a customer of Hangers for around 5 years now. In that time I have been subject to some of the worst service ever. They have destroyed expensive designer clothes and put the blame on me, they have ruined woolen blankets (which were replaced but not without a fight). Finally, I have decided to NEVER take another garment to them again. They are not to be trusted. The only reason I continued to endure the terrible service for so long was merely because of the fact that they are the only place in town that doesn't use harsh chemicals.

(Anonymous, 866 days ago)

Sign my previous review "Horrible service' Leslie Umphrey

(Leslie U., 1,017 days ago)

Horrible service! The female owner destroyed my jacket and kept saying "It's not my fault the fabric bled". She then refused to refund my money for a jacket that was 100% ruined. She was offensive and rude. She told me to take it back to the store. I told her that it was ruined beyond repair and that they had lost me as a customer. Her reply? A shrug of the shoulders. She did refund my money after I explained that when they ruined a dress several years ago they paid me the cash equivalent. Unbelievable. Common sense dictates that when a service damages the article in the cleaning of the article they would not expect payment. Horrible, nasty and rude! You should be ashamed of yourself. You lost me as a customer forever. Not that it apparently matters at all to you.

(Anonymous, 1,017 days ago)

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